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Dear Members
Happy New Year to you all!
Welcome to the revised website that Chris has been working hard on. There are likely to be a few
hiccups initially, so if you come across a problem please let Chris know so that he can try to fix it.
I hope you have received your new Rally Book for 2023 and have had a chance to look at the
details of the 19 rallies on offer this year, some popular favourites and some new ones too.
If your copy has not yet arrived in the post, you will find a copy on this website, along with booking
This year is the 30th Anniversary of our club, so we are planning a special 30th Anniversary at
Drax in May, and it would be great to see lots of you there.
You can send rally slips to the appropriate marshal whenever you wish, but the marshal will not
assign places until 1 February (see the rally book for full details of how to book).
If you have not yet renewed your membership for this year, there is still time to do so with Sandra,
our Membership Officer. Don’t miss out on a cost effective way to have a great time in your
caravan along with other like minded, friendly members.
Hope to see you on a rally this year.

Dear Members and Prospective Members


Welcome to our brand new website! We hope it will gradually develop into a really useful tool to keep you all up to date with Club information in conjunction with the Coachlines and Rally Book. 


We would be grateful for your ideas about what should be on this website. Photographs of rallies would be appreciated, as well as useful caravanning tips.


A new Committee for our Club was appointed on 25 September 2021, and I took over as the new Chairperson.   


In the Members area you will find a Chairperson section with details of the new Committee, my speech from the AGM, information about an amendment to our Constitution and brief details of the next two Drax rallies with AGM’s.  I will keep this section up to date with any news on a regular basis.


Our Club is the original Coachman Owners Club that started back in May, 1993, as a club for those who would like to attend rallies with their Coachman caravans. 


The last rally of 2021 will be number 766! However, we are aware that in the past when two rallies were running at the same time they were called “a” and “b”, so the number of rallies is actually higher than 766. So not too long before we reach the 800 rally milestone!


May 2023 will be the 30th Anniversary of our Club and so an extra special Drax Rally is being planned to celebrate that anniversary. We could have a “History of our Club” section on the website if you could all dig out photos and information from over the years. A display could also then be available at the 30th Anniversary event.


If you have any historical information, please could you email it to Dave Cadwallader,  post it to him or give it to him in person on a rally somewhere.


If you have any information to add to our website,  or ideas for our website, please email them to Chris Wright.

A message from Sue our Chairperson. 28/10/21

Dear new member,

You will already have received a welcome letter from Sandra, our Membership Secretary. As the new Chairperson, I would also like to welcome you and thank you for joining our friendly rally club. 

Our club started back in May 1993, for owners of Coachman Caravans who would like to rally together to have a good time, and also share their knowledge about their caravans. 

The Committee which runs our club, and our Rally Marshalls, are all  volunteers. All members, old and new,  are encouraged  to be Rally Marshalls or Assistant Rally Marshalls if they would like to, as this shares the work  and enables the Club to run more rallies. If you would be interested in helping to run a rally in the future, please contact Lorraine, our Rally Secretary by email (

So far, over about 29 years, there have been about 780 rallies, we think! The last one for 2021  is number 766, but we know in the past that some rallies had the same number, but with A and B, if they were running at the same time.

You have joined us at the end of the 2021 season, and this is a good time for planning your rallies with us for 2022. You will receive a new Rally Book for the 2022 season during the first week of January 2022, with all the information for booking. Your first year membership runs until the end of 2022.

The new Committee, appointed at the last AGM on 27 September this year, are working hard to make  improvements to communication with all members and promote ourselves more clearly as the Rally Club. Hence our brand new logo and new website (use your Membership number to register). Don’t be surprised if the Website looks a bit different every time you look, as it is a work in progress!

The Facebook page has been easily confused with a large number of Coachman forums with similar names. Ours is “Coachman owners club uk”, and again you need your Membership number. When you see our new logo you will know you are in the right place.

You will receive your first “Coachlines” magazine in November/December.  Meanwhile, if you would like to contact one of the Committee, all our emails are on the website.

I hope you enjoy being a member of our Rally Club and I look forward to meeting you on a rally next year.

Yours sincerely,

Sue Adnitt


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